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Alicia de Larrocha plays Óscar Esplá - Ronda Serrana & Sonatina Playera

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OSCAR ESPLA (1886-1976) Lirica española op. 54, Book V: Ronda Serrana 0:00 Sonatina Playera 3:36 Alicia de Larrocha (piano) Recoded: 1962, France These pieces never recorded commercially by Alicia de Larrocha, this recording was broadcast by the Radio France in 1962. _____________________________________________________ Óscar Esplá (1886-1976) was a self-taught composer, the son of passionately musical parents, who studied in Alicante, Barcelona, Meinigen with Max Reger, and Paris with Camille Saint Saëns. In 1911 he won the Great Vienna Prize for composition with his symphonic poem El sueño de Eros. After 1921 he settled in Madrid and dedicated his life to composition...
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