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Triquetra - A Large Cup Of Chaos, Please

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Subscribe: Buy: VA - Suntopia, released on 30. Jul 2021 by Suntrip Records - SUNCD68 Suntrip is back with a classic goa-trance compilation! Big names such as Filteria, Mindsphere, Triquetra, Afgin & Merr0w are mixed with Suntrip newcomers Innerzone, Mini Spacer & Party Droid! But one thing they all have in common: they create smashing goa-trance! After our concept compilations Gamma Draconis (old school guys making one more goa-track) and Carpe Noctem (melodic foresty goa) we felt the urge to go back to our roots. The best of melodic & acidic goa-trance! The emotional, sensitive and hypnotic melodic...
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