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VL3 scenic winter flight from EBLE to EBUL Ursel Airfield and Belgian / Dutch coastline and Zeeland

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Scenic flight over snow covered Belgium from the Aeroclub Sanicole EBLE to Ursel Airfield EBUL. Following the Belgian coastline, overhead Blankenberge, Port of Zeebrugge, Knokke - Heist, Cadzand, crossing the Westerschelde to Vlissingen, around Zeeland, Oosterscheldekering, Neeltje Jans, entering the Rotterdam CTR and back to Belgium. For more information about VFR airports:​​ !!! LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE !!! More videos to come so keep watching to my YouTube channel and subscribe for more updates about new videos about: - Life on board luxury cruise ships - Flight trips with our own VL3 - Beautiful destinations in the world and discovering...
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