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The Rolling Stones - Live in New York 2003/01/16 - Video - 4th show of the tour

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Channel dedicated to The Greatest Band in the world! Support the channel: Check my alternate channel: Subscribe: Twitter: Instagram: Video extracted from 2 set DVD "The Other Show" (GotToRollMe Productions) mixed with VGP-363 "Live on HBO". Mixed and remastered by The Glimmer Stone. 00:00:00 Intro 00:01:21 Street fighting man 00:05:50 Start me up 00:10:20 If you can't rock me 00:15:03 Don't stop 00:20:25 Monkey man 00:25:10 Angie 00:29:30 Let it bleed 00:35:25 Live with me 00:39:40 Midnight rambler 00:52:52 Tumbling dice 00:58:18 Band intro 01:02:46 Slipping away 01:08:44 Before they make me run 01:12:58...
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