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Enthroned - Regie Sathanas / A Tribute to Cernunnos (Limited Edition - Full EP)

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Genre: Black Metal Release date: 1998 Country: Belgium Tracklist: 1.Prelude to Satan's Avengers (intro) (0:00) 2.By Dark Glorious Thoughts (2:29) 3.Walpurgis Night (8:40) 4.Satan Never Sleeps (15:19) 5.The Conqueror (Sodom cover) (19:55) 6.Deny the Holy Book of Lies (22:46) 7.Outro (28:26) 8.Rites of the Northern Fullmoon (demo) (28:42) 9.Scared by Darkwinds (demo) (32:53) 10.At the Sound of the Millennium Black Bells (demo) (38:37) This version is the limited edition released in 2004 for Brazil with 3 bonus songs. Enthroned Facebook: My Facebook:
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